Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Stratiomyidae - Soldier Flies

It appears that only species in the subfamily Stratiomyinae and Clitellariinae are aquatic or semiaquatic, but are found in a broad range of lentic or shore habitats. McFadden (1967) has a useful description of the immature larvae for the family in North America. Michigan records below are from the McFadden work and a survey of specimens from the UMMZ Insect Division collection.

    Anoplodonta James, 1936 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Odontomyiini)
      Anoplodonta nigrirostris(Loew, 1866) Odontomyia
        (syn.) Odontomyia nuda James, 1932

    Euparyphus Gerstńcker, 1857 (Subfamily Clitellariinae, Tribe Oxycerini)
      Euparyphus (Aochletus) brevicornis Loew, 1866 - ON southeast and west
        (syn.) Euparyphus brucensis Steyskal, 1951
      Euparyphus (Euparyphus) stigmaticalis Loew, 1866
        (syn.) Euparyphus nigrostigma Curran, 1927

    Caloparyphus James, 1939 (Subfamily Clitellariinae, Tribe Oxycerini)
      Caloparyphus greylockensis (Johnson,1912) Euparyphus
        (syn.) Euparyphus adaleonora Steyskal, 1941
      Caloparyphus tetraspilus (Loew), 1866 Euparyphus
        (syn.) Euparyphus bellus Loew, 1866

    Hedriodiscus Enderlein, 1914 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Odontomyiini)
      Hedropdoscis trivittatus (Say, 1829) Stratiomys - MN, OH
      Hedropdoscis truquii (Bellardi, 1859) Odontomyia
        (syn.) Odontomyia megacephala Loew, 1866
        (syn.) Odontomyia binotatus Loew, 1866
        (syn.) Odontomyia bicolor Day, 1882
        (syn.) Odontomyia innotatus Curran, 1927
      Hedropdoscis varipes (Loew), 1866 Odontomyia - ON
        (syn.) Odontomyia alberta Curran, 1922
      Hedropdoscis vertebratus (Say), 1824 Odontomyia
        (syn.) Odontomyia willistoni Day, 1882

    Labostigmina Enderlein, 1930 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Stratiomyini)
      Labostigmina flavicornis (Olivier, 1812) Odontomyia - NAm
      Labostigmina gagatigaster Steyskal, 1949
      Labostigmina hieroglyphica (Olivier, 1812) Odontomyia
        (syn.) Odontomyia fallax Johnson, 1895
      Labostigmina megantica (Curran, 1925) Odontomyia
      Labostigmina obscura (Olivier, 1812) Odontomyia - WI east
      Labostigmina occipitalis (Johnson, 1895) Odontomyia

    Nemotelus Geoffroy, 1762 (Subfamily Clitellariinae, Tribe Nemotelini)
      Nemotelus (Nemotelus) abdominalis Adams, 1903 - MB southeast
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) centralis Hanson, 1958
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) communis Hanson, 1958 - IN
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) glaber Loew, 1872
        (syn.) Nemotelus flavicornis James, 1932
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) nigrinus FallÚn, 1817
        (syn.) Nemotelus carneus Walker, 1849
        (syn.) Nemotelus crassus Loew, 1863
        (syn.) Nemotelus unicolor Loew, 1863
        (syn.) Nemotelus carbonarius Loew, 1869
      Nemotelus (Camptopelta) picinus Hanson, 1958 - IL, MN east

    Odontomyia Meigen, 1803 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Odontomyiini)
      Odontomyia (Odontomyia) borealis James, 1936
      Odontomyia (Odontomyia) cincta Olivier, 1812
      Odontomyia (Odontomyia) communis James, 1939
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) hoodiana Bigot, 1887
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) hydroleonoides Johnson, 1895
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) interrupta Olivier, 1812
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) melantera James, 1939 - ON
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) nigerrima Loew, 1872 - ON
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) painteri James, 1936 - east
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) pilimana Loew, 1866 - IL, ON
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) plebeja Johnson, 1895
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) profuscata Steyskal, 1938
      Odontomyia (Catatasina) pubescens Day, 1882
      Odontomyia (Odontomyiina) virgo (Wiedemann, 1830) Stratiomys
        (syn.) Odontomyia paron Walker, 1849
        (syn.) Odontomyia nigra Day, 1882

    Oxycera Meigen, 1803 (Subfamily Clitellariinae, Tribe Oxycerini)
      Oxycera albovittata Malloch, 1917
      Oxycera aldrichi Malloch, 1917 - IN
      Oxycera approximata Malloch, 1917
      Oxycera maculata Olivier, 1812 - ON
      Oxycera picta Wulp, 1867
      Oxycera variegata Olivier, 1812

    Stratiomys Geoffroy, 1762 (Subfamily Stratiomyinae, Tribe Stratiomyini)
      Stratiomys adelpha Steyskal in James and Steyskal, 1952
      Stratiomys badia Walker, 1849
      Stratiomys browni Curran, 1927 - OH
      Stratiomys bruneri Johnson, 1895
      Stratiomys discalis Loew, 1866
      Stratiomys lativentris Loew, 1866
      Stratiomys meigenii Wiedemann, 1830
      Stratiomys norma Wiedemann, 1830
      Stratiomys normula Loew, 1866
        (syn.) Stratiomys quaternaria Loew, 1866
        (syn.) Stratiomys apicula Loew, 1866
        (syn.) Stratiomys notata Loew, 1866
        (syn.) Stratiomys jonesi James, 1932
      Stratiomys obesa Loew, 1866
      Stratiomys ohioensis Steyskal in James and Steyskal, 1952


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