Aquatic Insects of Michigan

by Ethan Bright, Museum of Zoology Insect Division and School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan

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Odonata (Dragon- and Damselflies) of Michigan

Key to the Odonata of Michigan


Our current state of knowledge about distribution of Odonata in Michigan is generally very good, especially in part due to recent work of the Michigan Odonata Survey and many volunteers since 1997. These efforts have added many new state records, and other species listed in publications whose documentation was either wrong or dubious have been removed.

Michigan now has 166 species in 51 genera recorded, with a possible additional 6 species and 1 genus that might occur in our state. Almost all the species of Michigan Odonata have had their larval stages reliably associated with adults, and most nymphs can be identified to species-level. (However, some genera have species that are very difficult to differentiate, requiring thorough diagnoses and/or association with (or rearing to) the adult stage). Species denoted in bold blue have been recorded in Michigan; other species are likely to occur based on their known distribution. You can use the Find function in your web browser to locate families, genera, and species. Synonomous species (indented) are listed below the current valid species with its taxonomic status indicated.

Anisoptera Selys, 1854 - Dragonflies
    Aeshnidae Rambur, 1842 (Darners)

      Aeshna Fabricius, 1775 (Mosaic Darners)
        Aeshna canadensis Walker, 1908 - Canada Darner
          (syn.) Anax maritimus Provancher, 1895 (nomen oblitum)
        Aeshna clepsydra Say, 1839 - Mottled Darner
        Aeshna constricta Say, 1839 - Lance-tipped Darner
        Aeshna eremita Scudder, 1866 - Lake Darner
          (syn.) Aeshna hudsonica Selys, 1875
        Aeshna interrupta interrupta Walker, 1908 - Variable Darner
        Aeshna juncea (Linnaeus, 1758) Libellula (orig.) - Sedge Darner
          (syn.) Aeshna undulata Bartenev, 1930
        Aeshna sitchensis Hagen, 1861 - Zigzag Darner
        Aeshna subarctica Walker, 1908 - Subarctic Darner
          (syn.) Aeshna elisabethae Djakonov, 1922
        Aeshna tuberculifera Walker, 1908 - Black-tipped Darner
        Aeshna umbrosa umbrosa Walker, 1908 - Shadow Darner
        Aeshna verticalis Hagen, 1861 - Green-striped Darner
          (syn.) Aeshna propinqua Scudder, 1866

      Anax Leach, 1815 (Green Darners)
        Anax junius (Drury), 1773 Libellula (orig.) - Common Green Darner
          (syn.) Anax spiniferus Rambur, 1842
        Anax longipes Hagen, 1861 - Comet Darner

      Basiaeschna Selys, 1883 (Springtime Darner)
        Basiaeschna janata (Say), 1839 - Springtime Darner
          (syn.) Aeschna minor Rambur, 1842

      Boyeria McLachlan, 1896 (Spotted Darners)
        Boyeria grafiana Williamson, 1907 - Ocellated Darner (historical record from Isle Royale, C. W. Sabrosky 1936 (Kormondy 1958), not recollected in Michigan since 1950 but known from streams in Northeastern Minnesota along Lake Superior)
        Boyeria vinosa (Say), 1839- Fawn Darner
          (syn.) Aeschna quadriguttata Burmeister, 1839

      Epiaeschna Hagen, 1877 (Swamp Darner)
        Epiaeschna heros (Fabricius, 1798) Aeshna (orig.) - Swamp Darner
          (syn.) Aeschna multicincta Say, 1839

      Gomphaeschna Selys, 1871 (Pygmy Darners)
        Gomphaeschna antilope (Hagen, 1874) Aeshna (orig.) – Taper-tailed Darner
        Gomphaeschna furcillata (Say, 1839) Aeshna (orig.) - Harlequin Darner
          (syn.) Gynacantha quadrifida Rambur, 1842

      Nasiaeschna Selys, 1900 (Cyrano Darner)
        Nasiaeschna pentacantha (Rambur, 1842) Aeschna (orig.) - Cyrano Darner

      Rhionaeschna Foerster, 1909 (Neotropical Darners)
        Rhionaeschna mutata (Hagen, 1861) Aeschna (orig.) - Spatterdock Darner

    Cordulegastridae Newman, 1853 (Spiketails)

      Leach, 1838 (Spiketails)
        Cordulegaster (Zoraena) bilineata (Carle, 1983) Zoraena (orig.) - Brown Spiketail
        Cordulegaster (Zoraena) diastatops (Selys), 1854 Thecaphora (orig.) - Delta-spotted Spiketail
          (syn.) Cordulegaster lateralis Scudder, 1866
        Cordulegaster (Thecophora) erronea Selys, 1878 - Tiger Spiketail
        Cordulegaster (Thecophora) maculata Selys, 1854 Zoraena (orig.) - Twin-spotted Spiketail
        Cordulegaster (Taeniogaster) obliqua (Say, 1840) Aeschna (orig.) - Arrowhead Spiketail
          (syn.) Cordulegaster fasciatus Rambur, 1842

    Corduliidae Selys, 1850 (Emeralds)

      Leach, 1815 (Common Emeralds)
        Cordulia shurtleffi Scudder, 1866 - American Emerald
          (syn.) Cordulia bifurcata Hagen, 1861 [nomen nudum]

      Dorocordulia Needham, 1901 (Little Emeralds)
        Dorocordulia libera (Selys, 1871) Cordulia - Racket-tailed Emerald

      Epitheca Burmeister, 1839 (Baskettails)
        Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) canis (MacLachlan, 1886) Tetragoneuria (orig.) - Beaverpond Baskettail
        Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) costalis (Selys, 1871) Cordulia (orig.) - Slender Baskettail
        Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) cynosura (Say, 1839) Libellula (orig.)- Common Baskettail
          (syn.) Epophthalmia lateralis Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Tetragoneuria diffinis Hagen, in Selys 1871
          (syn.) Cordulia basiguttata Selys, 1871
          (syn.) Tetragoneuria morio Muttkowski, 1911
        Epitheca (Epicordulia) princeps Hagen, 1861 - Prince Baskettail
        Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) spinigera (Selys), 1871 Tetragoneuria (orig.) - Robust Baskettail
          (syn.) Tetragoneuria indistincta Morse, 1895

      Helocordulia Needham, 1901 (Sundragons)
        Helocordulia uhleri (Selys, 1871) Cordulia - Uhler's Sundragon - ON, OH

      Neurocordulia Selys, 1871 (Shadowdragons)
        Neurocordulia yamaskanensis (Provancher, 1875) Aeshna (orig.) - Stygian Shadowdragon
          (syn.) Epitheca jamascarensis Hagen, in Selys 1878

      Somatochlora Selys, 1871 (Striped Emeralds)
        Somatochlora cingulata (Selys, 1871) Epitheca (orig.) - Lake Emerald
        Somatochlora elongata (Scudder, 1866) Cordulia (orig.) - Ski-tipped Emerald
          (syn.) Cordulia saturata Hagen, in Selys 1861 [nomen nudum]
        Somatochlora ensigera Martin, 1907 - Plains Emerald - MN, WI, OH (expect to find in the UP, esp. along border with Wisconsin)
          (syn.) Somatochlora charadraea Williamson, 1907
        Somatochlora forcipata (Scudder, 1866) Cordulia (orig.) - Forcipate Emerald
          (syn.) Cordulia chalybea Hagen, in Selys 1861 [nomen nudum]
        Somatochlora franklini (Selys, 1878) Cordulia (orig.) - Delicate Emerald
          (syn.) Somatochlora macrotana Williamson, 1909
        Somatochlora hineana Williamson, 1931 - Hine's Emerald
        Somatochlora incurvata Walker, 1918 - Incurvate Emerald
        Somatochlora kennedyi Walker, 1918 - Kennedy's Emerald
        Somatochlora linearis (Hagen, 1861) - Mocha Emerald
          (syn.) Cordulia procera Selys 1871
          (syn.) Somatochlora lateralis Needham, 1901
        Somatochlora minor Calvert 1898 - Ocellated Emerald
        Somatochlora tenebrosa (Say, 1839) Libellula (orig.) - Clamp-tipped Emerald
          (syn.) Cordulia tenebrica Hagen 1861
        Somatochlora walshii (Scudder, 1866) Cordulia (orig.) - Brush-tipped Emerald
        Somatochlora williamsoni Walker, 1907 - Williamson's Emerald

      Williamsonia Davis, 1913 (Boghunters)
        Williamsonia fletcheri Williamson, 1923 - Ebony Boghaunter
        Williamsonia lintneri (Hagen, in Selys 1878) Cordulia - Ringed Boghaunter

    Gomphidae (Clubtails)

      Needham, 1897 (Pond Clubtails)
        Arigomphus cornutus (Tough, 1900) Gomphus (orig.) - Horned Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus whedoni Muttkowski, 1908
        Arigomphus furcifer (Hagen, in Selys, 1878) Gomphus (orig.) - Lilypad Clubtail
        Arigomphus submedianus (Williamson, 1914) Gomphus (orig.) - Jade Clubtail - IL, IN, WI (historic record from Michigan discounted [O'Brien 2010], but one record from Elliot Co. in Indiana may indicate species may be found in the extreme sw LP)
        Arigomphus villosipes (Selys, 1854) Gomphus (orig.) - Unicorn Clubtail

      Dromogomphus Selys, 1854 (Spinylegs)
        Dromogomphus spinosus Selys, 1854 - Black-shouldered Spinyleg
        Dromogomphus spoliatus (Hagen in Selys, 1858) Gomphus (orig.) - Flag-tailed Spinyleg - (Craves & O'Brien 2002)

      Erpetogomphus Selys, 1858 (Ringtails)
        Erpetogomphus designatus Hagen, 1858 - Eastern Ringtail - IL, IN, OH (may be encountered in extreme sw. LP)

      Gomphurus Needham, 1901 (common name TBD)
        Gomphurus crassus (Hagen in Selys, 1854) Gomphus - Handsome Clubtail - IN, OH (expect in s. LP)
        Gomphurus externus (Hagen in Selys, 1858) Gomphus - Plains Clubtail - IN, OH (expect in s. LP)
          (syn.) Gomphus consobrinus Walsh 1863
        Gomphurus fraternus (Say, 1839) Aeschna - Midland Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus sordidus Hagen, in Selys 1954
          (comb..) Gomphus fraternus (Say, 1839)
        Gomphus (Gomphruus) lineatifrons Calvert, 1921 - Splendid Clubtail
        Gomphus (Gomphurus) vastus Walsh, 1862 - Cobra Clubtail
        Gomphus (Gomphurus) ventricosus Walsh, 1863 - Skillet Clubtail

      Hagenius Selys, 1854 (Dragonhunter)
        Hagenius brevistylus Selys, 1854 - Dragonhunter

      Hylogomphus Needham, Westfall and May 2000 (common name TBD)
        Hylogomphus adelphus (Selys, 1858) Gomphus - Mustached Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus brevis Hagen, in Selys 1878
          (comb.) Gomphus adelphus (Selys, 1858)
        Hylogomphus viridifrons (Hine, 1901) Gomphus - Green-faced Clubtail
          (comb.) Gomphus viridifrons Hine, 1901

      Ophiogomphus Selys, 1854 (Snaketails)
        Ophiogomphus anomalus Harvey, 1898 - Extra-striped Snaketail
        Ophiogomphus carolus Needham, 1897 - Riffle Snaketail
        Ophiogomphus colubrinus Selys, 1854 - Boreal Snaketail
        Ophiogomphus howei Bromley, 1924 - Pygmy Snaketail
        Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis (Walsh, 1862) Herpetogomphus (orig.) - Rusty Snaketail
          (syn.) Ophiogomphus carolinus Hagen, 1885
          (syn.) Ophiogomphus pictus Needham, 1897

      Phanogomphus Carle 1986 (common name TBD)
        Phanogomphus exilis (Selys, 1854) Gomphus - Lancet Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus flavocaudatus Walker, 1940
        Phanogomphus graslinellus (Walsh, 1862) Gomphus - Pronghorn Clubtail
        Phanogomphus lividus (Selys, 1854) Gomphus - Ashy Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus sordidus Hagen, in Selys 1954
          (syn.) Gomphus umbratus Needham, 1897
          (syn.) Gomphus williamsoni Muttkowski, 1910
        Phanogomphus quadricolor (Walsh, 1863) Gomphus - Rapids Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus alleni Howe, 1922
        Phanogomphus spicatus (Hagen, in Selys, 1854) Gomphus - Dusky Clubtail

      Progomphus Selys, 1854 (Sanddragons)
        Progomphus obscurus (Rambur, 1842) Diastatomma (orig.) - Common Sanddragon

      Stylogomphus Fraser, 1897 (Least Clubtails)
        Stylogomphus albistylus (Hagen, in Selys, 1878) Gomphus (orig.) - Eastern Least Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus naevius Harvey, 1898

      Stylurus Needham, 1897 (Handing Clubtails)
        Stylurus amnicola (Walsh, 1862) Gomphus (orig.) - Riverine Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus abditus Butler, 1914
        Stylurus laurae (Williamson, 1932) Gomphus (orig.) - Laura's Clubtail
        Stylurus notatus (Rambur, 1842) Gomphus (orig.) - Elusive Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus fluvialis Walsh, 1862
          (syn.) Gomphus jucundus Needham, 1944
        Stylurus plagiatus Selys, 1854 Gomphus (orig.) - Russet-tipped Clubtai
          (syn.) Gomphus elongatus Selys, 1854
        Stylurus scudderi Selys, 1873 Gomphus (orig.) - Zebra Clubtail
        Stylurus spiniceps (Walsh, 1862) Macrogomphus (orig.) - Arrow Clubtail
          (syn.) Gomphus segregans Needham, 1897

    Libellulidae Rambur, 1842 (Skimmers)

      Hagen, 1861 (Small Pennants)
        Celithemis elisa (Hagen, 1861) Diplax (orig.) - Calico Pennant
        Celithemis eponina (Drury, 1773) Libellula (orig.) - Halloween Pennant
          (syn.) Libellula camilla Rambur, 1842
          (syn.) Libellula lucilla Rambur, 1842
        Celithemis fasciata Kirby, 1889 - Banded Pennant
          (syn.) Celithemis monomelaena Williamson, 1910

      Erythemis Hagen, 1861 (Pondhawks)
        Erythemis simplicicollis (Say, 1839) Libellula (orig.) - Eastern Pondhawk, Green Clearwing
          (syn.) Libellula imbuta Say, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula caerulans Rambur, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula maculiventris Rambur, 1842
          (syn.) Libellula gundlachii Scudder, 1866

      Erythrodiplax Brauer, 1868 (Dragonlets)
        Erythrodiplax umbrata (Linnaeus, 1758) Libellula (orig.) - Band-winged Dragonlet (found in northern Ohio, may occur in southeastern LP)
          (syn.) Libellula fallax Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula flavicans Rambur, 1842
          (syn.) Libellula fuscofasciata Blanchard, 1846
          (syn.) Trithemis montezuma Calvert, 1899
          (syn.) Libellula ruralis Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula subfasciata Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula tripartita Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula unifasciata DeGeer, 1773

      Ladona Needham, 1897 (Corporals)
        Ladona julia (Uhler, 1857) Libellula (orig.) - Chalk-fronted Corporal

      Leucorrhinia Brittinger, 1850 (Whitefaces)
        Leucorrhinia frigida Hagen, 1890 - Frosted Whiteface
        Leucorrhinia glacialis Hagen, 1890 - Crimson-ringed Whiteface
        Leucorrhinia hudsonica (Selys, 1850) Libillula (orig.) - Hudsonian Whiteface
          (syn.) Libellula hageni Calvert, 1890
        Leucorrhinia intacta (Hagen, 1861) Diplax (orig.) - Dot-tailed Whiteface
        Leucorrhinia proxima Calvert, 1890 - Belted Whiteface

      Libellula Linnaeus, 1758 (King skimmers)
        Libellula auripennis Burmeister, 1839 - Golden-winged Skimmer (records from Berrien and Washtenaw Counties)
          (syn.) Libellula costalis Rambur, 1842
        Libellula cyanea Fabricius, 1775 - Spangled Skimmer
          (syn.) Libellula quadrupla Say, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula bistigma Uhler, 1857
        Libellula incesta Hagen, 1861 - Slaty Skimmer
        Libellula luctuosa Burmeister, 1839 - Widow Skimmer
          (syn.) Libellula basalis Say, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula odiosa Hagen, 1861
        Libellula pulchella Drury, 1773 - Twelve-spotted Skimmer
          (syn.) Libellula versicolor Fabricius, 1775
          (syn.) Libellula confusa Uhler, 1857
        Libellula quadrimaculata Linnaeus, 1758 - Four-spotted Skimmer
          (syn.) Libellula quadripunctata Fabricius, 1781
          (syn.) Libellula maculata Harris, 1782
          (syn.) Libellula praenubila Newman, 1833
          (syn.) Libellula ternaria [in part] Say, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula basilinea McLaughlin, 1894
          (syn.) Libellula relicta Belyshev, 1973
        Libellula semifasciata Burmeister, 1839 - Painted Skimmer
          (syn.) Libellula bifasciata Fabricius, 1775
          (syn.) Libellula ternaria [in part] Say, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula maculata Rambur, 1842
          (syn.) Libellula hersilia Blanchard, 1861
        Libellula vibrans Fabricius, 1793 - Great Blue Skimmer

      Nannothemis Brauer, 1868 (Elfin Skimmer)
        Nannothemis bella (Uhler, 1857) Nannophya - Elfin Skimmer
          (syn.) Nannophya pygmaea Kirby, 1889
          (syn.) Aino puella Kirby, 1890

      Pachydiplax Brauer, 1868 (Blue Dasher)
        Pachydiplax longipennis (Burmeister, 1839) - Blue Dasher
          (syn.) Libellula socia Rambur, 1842

      Pantala Hagen, 1861 (Rainpool Gliders)
        Pantala flavescens (Fabricius, 1798) Libellula (orig.) - Wandering Glider
          (syn.) Libellula viridula Palisot de Beauvais, 1805
          (syn.) Libellula analis Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula terminalis Burmeister, 1839
        Pantala hymenaea (Say, 1839) Libellula (orig.) - Spot-winged Glider
          (syn.) Tramea huanacina Förster, 1909

      Perithemis Hagen, 1861 (Amberwings)
        Perithemis tenera (Say, 1839) Libellula (orig.) - Eastern Amberwing
          (syn.) Libellula tenuicincta Say, 1839
          (syn.) Libellula chlora Rambur, 1842
          (syn.) Libellula domitia seminole Calvert, 1907

      Plathemis Hagen, 1861 (Whitetails)
        Plathemis lydia (Drury, 1773) Libellula (orig.) - Common Whitetail
          (syn.) Libellula trimaculata DeGeer, 1773
          (syn.) Libellula serva Fabricius, 1793

      Sympetrum Newman, 1833 (Meadowhawks)
        Sympetrum ambiguum (Rambur), 1842 Libellula (orig.) - Blue-faced Meadowhawk
          (syn.) Libellula albifrons Charpentier, 1840
        Sympetrum corruptum (Hagen, 1861) Mesothemis (orig.) - Variegated Meadowhawk
        Sympetrum costiferum (Hagen, 1861) Diplax - Saffron-winged Meadowhawk
          (syn.) Diplax atripes Hagen, 1874
        Sympetrum danae (Sulzer, 1776) Libellula (orig.) - Black Meadowhawk
          (syn.) Libellula scotica Donovan, 1811
          (syn.) Libellula verum Bartenev, 1815
        Sympetrum internum Montgomery, 1943 - Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
        Sympetrum obtrusum (Hagen, 1867) Diplax (orig.) - White-faced Meadowhawk
          (syn.) Diplax decisum Hagen, 1875
        Sympetrum rubicundulum (Say, 1839) Libellula (orig.) - Ruby Meadowhawk
          (syn.) Libellula assimilata Uhler, 1857
        Sympetrum semicinctum (Say, 1839) Libellula (orig.) - Band-winged Meadowhawk
        Sympetrum vicinum (Hagen, 1861) Diplax - Autumn Meadowhawk

      Tramea Hagen, 1861 (Saddlebags)
        Tramea calverti Muttkowski, 1910 - Striped Saddlebags (MI record may be accidential, not representing a resident species [Craves and O'Brien 2011]
        Tramea carolina
        (Linnaeus, 1763) Libellula (orig.) - Carolina Saddlebags
        Tramea lacerata Hagen, 1861 - Black Saddlebags
        Tramea onusta Hagen, 1861 - Red Saddlebags

    Macromiidae, Tillyard, 1917 (River Cruisers)

      Rambur, 1842 (Brown Crusiers)
        Didymops transversa (Say, 1839) Libellula (orig.) - Stream Cruiser
          (syn.) Epophthalmia cinnamomea Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Didymops servillii Rambur, 1842

      Macromia Rambur, 1842 (River Crusiers)
        Macromia alleghaniensis Williamson, 1909 - Allegheny River Cruiser (Craves & O'Brien 2015: Wood Creek in the Three Rivers State Game Area, Cass County, Michigan (41.861°, -85.763°))
        Macromia illinoiensis Walsh, 1862 - Swift River Cruiser
          (syn.) Marcomia australensis Williamson, 1909
        Macromia taeniolata Rambur, 1842 - Royal River Cruiser
          (syn.) Macromia wabashensis Williamson, 1909
    Petaluridae, Tillyard, 1917 (Petaltails)

      Tachopteryx Uhler in Selys, 1859
        Tachopteryx thoreyi (Hagen in Selys, 1859) Uropetala (orig.) - Gray Petaltail
Zygoptera, Selys, 1854
    Calopterygidae, Selys, 1850 (Broadwinged Damselflies)

      Calopteryx Leach, 1815 (Jewelwings)
        Calopteryx aequabilis Say, 183 - River Jewelwing
        Calopteryx maculata (Palisot de Beauvois, 1805) Agrion (orig.) - Ebony Jewelwing
          (syn.) Calopteryx holosericea Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Calopteryx materna Say, 1839
          (syn.) Calopteryx opaca Say, 1839
          (syn.) Rambur, 1842

      Hetaerina Hagen, in Selys 1853 (Rubyspots)
        Hetaerina americana (Fabricius, 1798) Agrion (orig.) - American Rubyspot
          (syn.) Lestes basalis Say, 1839
          (syn.) Hetaerina californica Hagen, in Selys 1859
          (syn.) Hetaerina pseudamericana Walsh, 1863
          (syn.) Hetaerina texana Walsh, 1863
          (syn.) Hetaerina scelerata Walsh, 1863
        Hetaerina titia (Drury, 1773) Libellula (orig.) - Smoky Rubyspot
          (syn.) Calopteryx tricolor Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Hetaerina rupinsulensis Walsh, 1862
          (syn.) Hetaerina rupamnensis Walsh, 1863

    Coenagrionidae, Kirby, 1890 (Pond Damselflies)

      Amphiagrion Selys, 1876 (Red Damsels)
        Amphiagrion saucium (Burmeister, 1839) Agrion (orig.) - Eastern Red Damsel
          (syn.) Agrion discolor Burmeister, 1839
          (syn.) Agrion amphion Selys, 1876

      Argia Rambur, 1842 (Dancers)
        Argia apicalis (Say, 1839) Agrion (orig.) - Blue-fronted Dancer
        Argia fumipennis violacae (Hagen, 1861) Agrion (orig.) - Variable Dancer
        Argia moesta (Hagen, 1861) Agrion (orig.) - Powdered Dancer
        Argia sedula (Hagen, 1861) Agrion (orig.) - Blue-ringed Dancer
        Argia tibialis (Rambur, 1842) Platycnemis (orig.) - Blue-tipped Dancer
          (syn.) Agrion fontium Hagen, 1861
          (syn.) Agrion binotata Walsh, 1862

      Chromagrion Needham, 1903 (Aurora Damsel)
        Chromagrion conditum (Hagenin Selys, 1876) Erythromma (orig.) - Aurora Damsel

      Coenagrion Kirby, 1890 (Eurasian Bluets)
        Coenagrion interrogatum (Hagen, in Selys 1876) Agrion (orig.) - Subarctic Bluet
        Coenagrion resolutum (Hagen, in Selys 1876) Agrion (orig.) - Taiga Bluet
          (syn.) Enallagma walkeri Muttkowski, 1911

      Enallagma Selys, 1875 (Bluets)
        Enallagma anna Williamson, 1900 - River Bluet
          (syn.) Enallagma culicinorum Byers, 1927
        Enallagma annexum (Hagen, 1861) Agrion (orig.) - Northern Bluet
          (syn.) Enallagma cyathigerum Auct., not Charpentier
          (syn.) Aenallagma robustum Selys, 1875
          (comb.) Enallagma robustum (Selys, 1875)
        Enallagma antennatum (Say, 1839) Agrion (orig.) - Rainbow Bluet
          (syn.) Enallagma fischeri Kellicott, 1895
        Enallagma aspersum (Hagen, 1861) Agrion (orig.) - Azure Bluet
        Enallagma basidens Calvert, 1902 - Double-striped Bluet
        Enallagma boreale Selys, 1875 - Boreal Bluet
          (spell.) Aenallagma boreale Selys, 1875
        Enallagma carunculatum Morse, 1895 - Tule Bluet
        Enallagma civile (Hagen), 1861 Agrion - Familiar Bluet
          (syn.) Agrion canadense Provancher, 1876
          (syn.) Enallagma simile Selys, 1876
        Enallagma divagans Selys, 1876 - Turquoise Bluet
        Enallagma ebrium (Hagen, 1861) Agrion - Marsh Bluet
        Enallagma exsulans (Hagen, 1861) Agrion Stream Bluet
        Enallagma geminatum Kellicott, 1895 - Skimming Bluet
          (syn.) Enallagma piscinarium Williamson, 1900
        Enallagma hageni (Walsh, 1863) Agrion (orig.) - Hagen's Bluet
        Enallagma signatum (Hagen, 1861) Agrion (orig.) - Orange Bluet
          (syn.) Agrion dentiferum Walsh, 1863
        Enallagma traviatum Selys, 1876 - Slender Bluet
        Enallagma vernale Gloyd, 1943 - Vernal Bluet
        Enallagma vesperum Calvert, 1919 - Vesper Bluet
          (syn.) Enallagma laurenti Calvert, 1919

      Ischnura Charpentier, 1840 (Forktails)
        Ischnura hastata (Say, 1839) Agrion (orig.) - Citrine Forktail - Craves & O'Brien 2002
          (syn.) Agrion anomalum Rambur, 1842
          (syn.) Agrion venerinotata Haldemann, 1844
        Ischnura kellicotti Williamson, 1898 - Lilypad Forktail
        Ischnura posita (Hagen, 1861) Agrion (orig.) - Fragile Forktail
        Ischnura verticalis (Say, 1839) Agrion (orig.) - Eastern Forktail

      Nehalennia Selys, 1850 (Sprites)
        Nehalennia gracilis Morse, 1895 - Sphagnum Sprite
        Nehalennia irene (Hagen, 1861) Agrion (orig.) - Sedge Sprite
          (syn.) Nehalennia carlotta Butler, 1914

    Lestidae, Calvert 1901 (Spreadwings)

      Selys, 1862 (Stream Spreadwings)
        Archilestes grandis (Rambur, 1942) Lestes (orig.) - Great Spreadwing

      Lestes Leach, 1815 (Pond Spreadwings)
        Lestes congener Hagen, 1861 - Spotted Spreadwing
        Lestes disjunctus disjunctus Selys, 1862 - Northern Spreadwing
        Lestes disjunctus australis Walker, 1952 - Southern Spreadwing
        Lestes dryas Kirby, 1890 - Emerald Spreadwing
          (syn.) Lestes nympha Selys, 1840
          (syn.) Lestes uncatus Kirby, 1890
        Lestes eurinus Say, 1839 - Amber-winged Spreadwing
        Lestes forcipatus Rambur, 1842 - Sweetflag Spreadwing
          (syn.) Lestes hamata Hagen, 1861
        Lestes inaequalis Walsh, 1862 - Elegant Spreadwing
        Lestes rectangularis Say, 1839 - Slender Spreadwing
        Lestes unguiculatus Hagen, 1861 - Lyre-tipped Spreadwing
        Lestes vigilax Hagen, in Selys 1862 - Swamp Spreadwing

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    March 06, 2017
    • Reorganized reference sections, splitting them into references pertaining to sources documenting the occurence of a species in Michigan, and another for works that reference authorship of species cited.
    March 04, 2017
    • Gomphurus externus, which is indicated as a Michigan record in Needham et al. 2014 (p.184), is likely an error as no vouchered records are known from the state. However, its presence in northwestern Ohio make it that future records from our state are likely.
    February 01, 2017
    • Update taxonomic placement of species in the Gomphus complex to reflect information presented in Ware et al. 2016. The subgenera Hylogomphus, Gomphurus and Phanogomphus are elevated to genus, and species remaining and classified as Gomphus s.s. are Old World taxa.
    January 18, 2016
    • Macromia alleghaniensis was colleted in 2014 in Cass County by Darrin O'Brien (Craves and O'Brien 2015), representing the first verified, vouchered specimen from Michigan. Previous records should be considered either equivocable or unreliable/unverified.
    September 05, 2015
    • Gomphaeschna antilope was colleted in 2005 and 2009 by Chris Hill (Hill 2011) in northern LP Michigan, representing an impressive range extension from its previous known distribution.
    July 01, 2015
    • Macromia alleghanensis was collected in June 2014, in Cass County at the Three Rivers State Game Area by Darrin O'Brien
    April 18, 2014
    • Sympetrum occidentale Bartenev considered a western subspecies of of S. semicinctum (Pilgrim and van Dohlen 2007) and is unlikely to be encountered in the western part of the Upper Peninsula, and has been removed from the list
    • Previously Enallagma cyathigerum was considered Holarctic, but molecular evidence from Turgeon et al. (2005) and Stoks et al. (2005) convincingly suggest E. cyathigerum is restricted to the Palearctic, whereas Nearctic specimens should be considered as E. annexum, which was previously considered a junior synonym of E. cyathigerum.
    • Removed Argia bipunctulata from list. Westfall and May (2006) listing of this species in Michigan is probably an error, as this species has not been collected here. Collection localities in Ohio do not suggest a distribution extending into Michigan.
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